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Momentrepreneur + Fashion Designer, GERMANY


After our first clarity call I knew I want to have Charity as my coach.

I felt so connected to her and she made me feel so comfortable and I already felt a shift on so many levels of my life.

For each session with her is so special, healing and she has such a profound wisdom. I feel so grateful about the transformational journey with her.

Entrepreneur + Jewelry Designer, GERMANY


I have been working with Charity Raske and experienced an instant transformation.

I felt very comfortable to open up myself and to go very deep with her on my side. She has been recommended to me from a very good friend and I have seen the impact on my friend as well, that made me very curious to get in touch with Charity.

I am very happy to have had her as my guide on my side.

Entrepreneur + Influencer + Model, GERMANY


When Charity entered my life it changed! She helped me heal in more ways than I can say, her wisdom is profound and she always makes me aware of my inner world, power, vision and wisdom and is so graceful and loving! We had many life changing sessions. And I have taken steps towards growth, opening myself up to life, the joy and magic of living. I feel more on my path, more at peace and more connected to myself than ever before I like to say Charity brings Clarity. Infinite gratitude and love for the work we do together - it is truly transformational!


I first started with not knowing anything, and ended with confidently knowing who I was in my God and myself. Charity is one of the greatest guides I’ve ever had. She understands me. That was an impressive thing for me and she gave me that. I use the word guide intentionally because I’m not dependent on her but she’s someone I would turn to to help me. She walks you through everything and has the most comforting spirit ever. You feel safe with her. God-sent is what she is. I thank God for my experience with her and I hope it’s something that goes one for a long time. That’s how good she is. God bless her.