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What is it worth remaining at sleep?

Earlier today I had clarity sessions and one of them made me become very observant of the situation that occurred that inspired me to write this. But before going into it I want to share the service of what is means giving a clarity session.

So as a coach I often offer a free clarity session where the client can share their dreams and visions. We also dive in to what could be that is holding them back in executing their dreams and making their visions come to life. Furthermore, during the session the client is asked on how much they want their vision to come to life and most of the time they want to make their dream come to life. In addition to that when asked if they need anyone to guide/coach them to make their dream come true they often time say Big Yes!

Indeed as a coach you become excited too as you see the potential and the willingness of working together with the client of making their dream come to life and you want to be their right hand. It goes both ways. But for it to happen energy has to be exchanged.

In this context money is referred as energy although energy can also be seen as the air you are breathing.

So the clarity session that is given by a coach to the client imagine the coach is giving air and blowing in life into the vision you want to see for yourself. The coach then gives you free will of asking the you if you are ready to step out of your own way to let yourself let go of the old to step into the new.

Is like you and the coach is standing in front of the door into your reality ready to give you the key for you to open the door to enter. It’s like the coach is actually Morpheus showing you have the will to choose the red or the blue pill; either remain in a state of blissful ignorance (blue) or accepting a painful reality (red). But before the key of your freedom is given to you or you choose the pill in this case the red pill you have to be willing to invest in yourself to have a coach by your side.

So when the coach shares the price point meaning the energy the client needs to invest in themselves of having someone guiding them professionally to their vision often times the fear kicks in. Some I have the privilege to meet when they felt the fear and decided to do it anyway receiving the key to go through to come through or taking the red pill of understanding the healing process will hurt yet they also want to live their life with inner freedom.

But I have also met some needing time to think and other object at the spot. Now as a coach you have the eyes to see where they are in their consciousness but also are trained to see beyond the mind and coaching them to release the fear.

So one of the clarity session I had today made me become very observant. The client I had the honor to serve today was willing to work with me and I saw so many potentials within the client. But when sharing the price point, I experienced the energy of the client not being willing to step out of its own way and trying to coach the client to see the fear. The client expressed feeling uncomfortable and hung up at the spot as the clarity session was online.

Yes I was chocked at the moment as to think of the energy and service that was given to the client. Do not get me wrong I didn’t take it personal either and was ready to let go off the client yet I wanted to poke a bit more for the client to get curious and go beyond the mind. But as the client hung up it made me see even clear of the human mind. How much the human mind can limit us to explore our true nature, who we really are and how we can actually live our dream life.

This situation of the client hanging up also made me think about Cypher from the Matrix, how he was awakened from the mind/the matrix yet he wasn’t rooted enough to remain awake and instead risked his well-being (his body, his emotions, his mind and his spirit) to go back into his blissful ignorance.

Yes having a guide, healer, coach or a therapist is an investment and yes when you allow yourself to be led through your pain, your childhood trauma it will hurt to see your reality as of you seeing yourself you have been sleeping all along. But your awakening is the beginning of your true freedom.

Because at the end of the day isn’t our deepest desire to actually be our most Highest and Authentic self;to live our lives that serves us in all areas of our lives on planet earth?

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