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What if social media disappears?

This post is in collaboration with my 3 months group coaching program “From People Pleasing to Purposeful Living!” I was thinking the other day how much I was spending my time on social media as a business owner and also thought of how I want to reconstruct my coaching business that is primarily built online and then the the thought of what if for iInstagram disappears and what to do to reconnect with your audience a.k.a your followers? Studies have shown that more than half of the world uses social media; 5.04 billion people around the world are using social media on daily bases. Using social media for private consumptions is one thing but as a business owner it can be a sensitive matter. I understand building your business through social media generates fast income especially if having enough attractive followers that different brands will approach to you in order to engage with your audience. But what if the social media platform you put your heart and soul to one day disappears? How will you be running your business without the platform you solely relied on? Moreover, how will you reconnect with your audience to retain your relationship with them? Where will you post your content? These are thoughts worth to be considering. And most of all what is your Purpose of creating content you want your audience engaging with?
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