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The danger of people pleasing is you giving your power away!

People pleasing is a cooping mechanism to survive and be liked amongst people you simply want to belong to; as in families, relatives or other types of communities. However, people pleasing is often a learned behavior from childhood experiences and social conditioning. Such as getting praised from your parents as a child where you received praise and positive reinforcement for being helpful and obedient may learn that pleasing others is desirable behavior. Yet, when in your adulthood it may become dangerous for your own well-being as you are conditioned to putting other peoples needs first before your own. Excessive people pleasing has the potential for numerous negative consequences. If you are used to always putting other peoples needs first before your own it can lead you to experiencing:
  • Fear of rejection
  •  Fear of disappointing others
  • You find it difficult of making independent decisions
  • You find it hard setting healthy boundaries
More than less to say you are giving your power away as you also do not know who you truly are. Inquiries that might help you to start notice your ways for being in this case as people pleasing could be:
  • Who am I when I am not always helping others?
  • Why do I always need to be there for others?
  • Why am I afraid of being rejected if I say No?
  • Who am i really disappointing when putting others first and putting myself last?
  • What is the worst case scenario if I say No?
  • What is the best case scenario if I put myself first?
When you start putting yourself first you will notice major changes in your relationships and people around you. The major change could be that people will not come for your assistance as often as they used to. This might be triggering for you, but this isn’t bad as it only mirrors the changes that are occurring within you. You regaining your power back. You are now meeting your needs first in that way you can be there authentically for others instead of helping to feel liked by others.
So are you ready to stop making yourself small, searching for people approval for your existence and simply stepping out of your own way to experience transformation, growth and expansion?
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