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People pleasing and staying committed for what?

I saw an article some days ago that inspired me to write this newsletter. A company in Sweden I used to work for as a digital marketer, but based in Denmark is in crisis. What caught my attention wasn’t really of them being in crisis, but more of the value words they had such as courage and equality were crossed over with a big red ❌. Moreover on top of the big red ❌ they sprayed the word “COMMITMENT”! And within the article it was shared that the CEO uttered on an internal mail “Kill or be Killed!” to the sales force.

When reading the article the question that arose for me was:
Why would you as an employee be committed to a company with a CEO who is misusing his position of running the company with scarcity mindset?
When running a business/company with scarcity mindset it will only lead your employees feeling:

  • Demotivated
  • Fatigue
  • Depleted
  • Not feeling good enough

This isn’t new under the sun, yet CEO’s running their business with scarcity mindset only see the numbers and not the people that actually generate money into the company. Working under a CEO who doesn’t value you and for who you are will only lead to your Burnout.

So imaging you are in the position being an employee under a CEO running you with scarcity mindset, what should you be committed to?

People pleasing by staying committed to a company that will not be there for you when you Burnout? Or to be committed to your Health and find your true Purpose feeling fulfilled in all areas of your life?

Only this you will find out by being committed to yourself and allowing yourself being guided to your purpose in life.