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From People Pleasing to Purposeful Living!

Are you constantly looking for others approval in order to feel worthy? Perhaps you are comparing your life+business to what you see on social media and not good enough? You probably are an influencer but are not feeling purposeful?


There is a reason why you are here and I am inviting you to join the “From People Pleasing to Purposeful Living”, a 6 months coaching program to enter into your next chapter in your life + in your business!


Who is this program for?

From People Pleasing to Purposeful Living  is for You who are entrepreneur, momentrepreneur, influencer and career driven soul who is ready to stop making yourself small, searching for people approval for your existence and simply stepping out of your own way to experience transformation, growth and expansion. Not only in your entrepreneurship, business or in your career but also in all areas of your life.

Within the program you will get:
  • 16 weekly coaching sessions with Charity, once a week from September 2024 (exact date and time will be shared soon)
  • Lots of time for Q & A and direct coaching with Charity on the weekly group coaching calls so that you have a new found clarity and confidence within your life and your business
  • 4 RTT sessions where we will uncover your Money Blocks as well as your limited thoughts and beliefs regarding your confidence and self esteem.
  • Private community to interact with like-minded people, building connection to stay accountable with each other throughout the program.


What we will work on:
  • Regain your inner confidence – in order for you to transform your life you need to have strong foundation to make your house solid. Meaning your self esteem foundation for you to be able to have solid confidence to pursue your dreams in life and your business.
  • Uncover your money  blocks – without removing what is holding you back when it comes to your money mindset you wont be able to let new money stream flow into your life and into your business.
  • Regulate your entire nervous system with help of RTT – our behavior consist of 5 % conscious mind and 95% subconscious mind. With help of RTT we access into the subconscious mind in order to find out where, how, when and why you acquired your limited beliefs about yourself and around your life and business.

Charity Raske

Charity has coached influencers, entrepreneurs, therapists and coaches world wide where they have gained clarity and expansion within their life and their business.

As of her being certified Transformational Life and Business coach, gone under training by the Institute of Coaching Mastery accreted by ICF, Charity is also certified and licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist gone under the training by Rapid Transformational Therapy School.

Best reviews

To wrap it up if you are tired building your life and business feeling pressured that leads to not feeling good enough, joining the FROM PEOPLE PLEASING TO PURPOSEFUL LIVING will support you in creating your life + business with solid confidence leading you feeling and living purposefully in all areas of your life.

You hold the key to your transformation!
The enrollment of From People Pleasing to Purposeful Living, a 6 months coaching program starts in September 2024. You will receive a email when the program is launched. In the meantime bookmark this page and share with your friends about your excitement of experiencing transformation and liberation.